Secret Jackelope 2022: Saint Melos

For Secret Jackelope 2022 from the OSR Discord server, I was paired with Ighton, who wanted "Write a local legend/myth. No need to go big with pantheons/mythologies. e.g. a local haunted house, the origins of a minor saint/spirit. Anything you'd get from a sot at the tavern works!"

Saint Melos of Eritrodonia, Patron Saint of Travelers from the region.  

They appeared with the absence of light, a wanderer in blue. With a grey helm, a visor of gold and a bag of wonderous items. As they wandered through the land they would help locals with various issues. Whether that be an incurable illness, bandits, a pest infestation or even marital problems; Saint Melos had an answer for all. Come year XXX9 during the Other Invasion, Saint Melos fought in the defense of Eritrodonia, they died in combat at the end of the war. But, their feats had elevated them to the status of Saint and their presence still lives on with the worship of them.

Followers of Saint Melos can commonly be seen carrying a pendant of blue chord with a silver colored metal medallion, imprinted with their helm. Prayers and offerings are also commonly seen. Prayers for health, safety and good travels are said over nearly every traveler or by every traveler before they leave home.  


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