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Secret Jackalope 2022 Mk 2: Sci Fi Meets Fantasy

For the second Secret Jackalope I got the prompt “A high tech spaceship crashes in a high fantasy world. What interesting stuff results? (ArchonNyx#2280)”. So here are 3 scenarios Scenario 1: That’s No Moon The first scenario involves a moon sized spaceship crashing onto said world. As it hits the entire world is destroyed. Nothing survives and the world is forever changed. However, as the next set of life evolves on this world they would find artifacts from a bygone era, that of where the native previous civilization made it too. So armor, swords, jewelry, etc.  While the fantasy world inhabitants left behind their artifacts, so did the spaceship. Computers, railguns, healing equipment and so on. In this post apocalyptic world these artifacts are given high regard, some even worshiped. An example is the Holy Sphere, a large ball bearing manufactured out of starship grade titanium and engineered to a perfect degree to be perfectly spherical.  Scenario 2: Grey Goo “It is the 3rd year of

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